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OLS 501 With 200 credits

We are a registered reseller of all EVC products , now offering EVC OLS version 501. The full commercial two user license with 200 re-seller database credits for the crazy price of $4169. This means tunes bought through our database would be$105 each!    

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New Damos/Mappacks available!!

We now have many new files added to our database. Every day we try to upload at least 3-4 new files. If there is something you need please drop me an email with all the details and the original file and I will update the database promptly.

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The File Service Tuning Platform

1. Sign up for your free account

If you are a professional tuner or workshop contact us at and send us more details about your company / place of business. We will then contact you to arrange agreement details, dealers kit purchase etc. As an authorised dealer, you will get better pricing, advanced technical support and promotion.

2. Buy tuning credits safely using our online store

Register your free account and purchase tuning credits securely via Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. In case of any problems contact us and we will be happy to help you.

3. Upload your original tuning files to the cloud

After logging into your account and purchasing credits, you can add your vehicle to the file service and upload an original file for tuning.

4. Download your tuning file soon after

You will receive an email notification containing your new file. We also offer a wide range of tuning tools, professional equipment and accessories to suit all vehicle manufacturers.