Flashtec’s CMD Flash

Flashtec’s CMD Flash is a state of the art chip tuning tool. With two ways of flashing and an array of accessories, the CMD Flash is the most versatile tuning tool for engine control units (ECUs) on the market today.

Communicating via BDM port, OBD or Boot Mode, you can use the CMD Flash to tune most European and Korean manufactured diesel vehicles.

Two ways to tune

The versatility of the CMD Flash gives you two ways to tune.

OBD flashing

OBD flashing is the simplest and quickest way to tune using your CBD Flash.

For OBD Flashing, the CMD Flash connects to your car’s ECU using the OBD port. Unlike other methods of flashing, the connection is made through the car’s interior. You can find the OBD port in any vehicle made after 1998.

Connect your CBD Flash to the OBD plug using the OBD cable included in your kit. The CBD Flash will identify your vehicle’s ECU and begin to read and write operations. While this is happening, it’s important that you supply your vehicle with a steady flow of power. Your vehicle should always receive a stable 12V connection to the battery. If you encounter an error, the CBS Flash now includes an OBD recovery function, so you can restart ECU flashing after a program failure.

OBD flashing doesn’t require opening your control until or complex soldering, making it ideal for beginners.

BDM and Boot Mode flashing

Unlike OBD flashing, BDM and Boot Mode flashing need to be done external to your vehicle.

To start, you’ll need to remove your vehicle’s ECU and open it up. Once it’s open, you can manually connect the corresponding pins and contacts to your ECU’s motherboard. You may also need to add a number of resistors to read and write your ECU.

Power is then fed to your ECU through the BDM probe. Your ECU should always receive a stable 12V connection.

Less common than OBD flashing, BDM and Boot Mode flashing are mainly used in vehicles that can’t be done via OBD or vehicles with new tuning protections.
Unique features

The CMD Flash tool features:

  • BDM Motorola Mpc
  • Bosch MED17 Tricore Boot mode
  • C16x / ST10 Boot
  • CAN V2.0B 1Mb/s
  • K line ISO / KWP
  • J1850 PWM
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5->9
  • Industrial and Agrar Vehicles 24V
  • Automatic resistor switch – K-Line 470 ohm pull-up resistor for VAG EDC16
  • Older cars protocols (such as EDC15 and ME)
  • Master / Slave feature
  • Automatic checksums

The new OBD Recovery function now allows you to restart ECU flashing after a programming failure.

You’ll also receive a protection dongle inside your CMD Flash’s box.

Expert CMD tuning in South East Queensland

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