WinOLS Training & Licences

Are you an experienced tuner or are you looking to move into tuning professionally?

WinOLS is EVC’s industry-standard software program that allows you to search for and modify maps. From basic modifications and alterations to advanced tuning, WinOLS gives you complete control.

We offer EVC WinOLS Full version 2 user license OLS501 standalone or with 200 tune file credits.

How does WinOLS work?

Created by EVC, WinOLS is written specifically to modify the memory contents of your vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU). Professionals and enthusiast alike use WinOLS to search, find and customise maps.

Once you’ve selected a map, you can name and alter the map to suit your needs. As you make changes, you can choose from WinOLS’s multiple viewing options: view your map in 2D, 3D or as a table.

Once you’ve customised a map, you can add a customer name, car number and image files. Your map and all associated data are then stored in what WinOLS calls your “project” file.

Flexibility and customisation with WinOLS

The latest version of WinOLS includes:

  • Storage for up to 200 modifications of a single map.
  • Browsing functionality to filter and sort a list of previous projects.
  • Options to view your map’s raw data as a 2D graphic or hex / decimal dump.
  • Automatic processor detection to distinguish between program and data are.
  • 3D preview window for map selection.

You’ll also find support for the latest hardware (including 100, BSL100 and OLS300) plus your old-school favourites (including OLS200 and Eprom Programmer MP2440).

All files can be zipped, coded or exported for easy sharing.

From beginner to advanced WinOLS training

As an authorised Australian EVC trainer, you can trust that you’re getting the best knowledge and expertise for you and your vehicle. From basic introductions to advanced training, our experienced team can you lead you through a range of courses.

You can learn and train on-site at our new facility just outside of Brisbane’s CBD or we’ll come to you for one-on-one training.

Expert WinOLS training In South East Queensland

With 15 years of industry experience and over 10,000 files supplied to date, our facilitators can help you to understand and optimise your vehicle’s performance.

Based in Brisbane, our files are written and mapped with specific attention to local fuel quality and the unique climate of South East Queensland. Working with local knowledge can help you better understand your vehicle’s needs and better map to your conditions.

Contact us today to make an enquiry.