Pontiac Chip Tuning Files

The file service are specialist tuning service with 15+ years tuning experience who can provide tuning files for Pontiac and most other vehicle manufacturers.

Using our ECU tuning files you can increase your Pontiac's power and torque and reduce your fuel consumption.

Contact us to find out what gains we can provide for your Pontiac.

Pontiac Models

These are just some of the other models we have previously supplied tuning files for:


Pontiac Dyno Training Brisbane

Whether you’re an experienced tuner or just starting out, we offer a range of Pontiac dyno tuning courses from our Brisbane based training facility.

About The File Service

Based in Brisbane, our Pontiac files are written and mapped with specific attention to local fuel quality and the unique climate of South East Queensland. Working with local knowledge can help you better understand your Pontiac's needs and better map to your conditions.

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