The File Service Platform

OLS 501 With 200 credits

We are now offering EVC OLS version 501. the full commercial two user liciense with 200 re-seller database credits for the crazy price of $4169 This means tunes bought through the database would cost $105 each!!

New Damos/Mappacks available!!

We now have many new files added to our database. Every day we try to upload at least 3-4 new files. If there is something you need please drop me an email with all the details and the original file and I will update the database promptly.

The File Service Portal goes live

Finally after nearly 12 months in testing the new File Service portal is up and running. We have worked very closely with our website development team to bring you the smoothest end user experience. Please have a look around and send us your feedback. We will have more products added to the shop to increase..Read More